How to measure your size?

To decide the exact size and fit for you, you simply need to measure a few precise points on a shirt you already own and then compare the measurements with our size chart.

To make sure you have the right measurement, we advise you to first lay the shirt on a table or any other flat surface.

A - Neck

Open the shirt and stretch out the collar on a flat surface, and use the measuring tape to measure from the center of the button hole to the center of the button.

B - Chest circumference

Button up the shirt, then place the measuring tape horizontally across it, below the seam of the armhole (underarm), from one arm to the other. Double this measurement for the size of the chest.

C - Waistline

Still keeping the shirt buttoned, use the tape measure to measure across the shirt, horizontally between the 4th and the 5th button, then double the obtained value.

D - Shirt length

Place the measuring tape at the center of the back of the shirt and measure from the collar seam down to the hem of the shirt.

E - Sleeve Length

Place the measuring tape from the shoulder seam to the tip of the cuff hem, to get the correct measurement.